1. NEUROLOGIC-MUSCULAR-SKELETAL: Arthritis- Neuralgia- Sciatica, Shoulder, Joint and Back pain- Stiff neck- Bursitis- Tendonitis- Headache- Migraine- Sequlae of Stroke- Bells Palsy- Trigeminal neuralgia- Sprains- Knee pain-Tendonitis

2. MENTAL EMOTIONAL: Anxiety- Depression- Stress-Insomnia

3. GENITO-URINARY REPRODUCTIVE: Women's health issues-Infertility-PMS Menstrual irregularities-Impotence-Sexual dysfunction

4. EAR-NOSE-THROAT-EYES: Tinnitus- Ear ringing-Earaches-Sinus infections-Hay fever-allergies-Sore throat-Poor eyesight

5. INFECTIONS: Colds-Flu-Bronchitis- Hepatitis symptoms

6. DIGESTIVE: Hyperacidity-Indigestion, Chronic diarrhea-Constipation-Stomach pain-Nausea

7. DERMATOLOGICAL: Eczema-Acne Herpes-Rashes-Skin rejuvenation

8. OTHER BENEFITS: Increases vitality and energy-Regulates blood pressure-Increases endurance-Immune system support- Improves side effects of chemotherapy

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