Pains in lower back and leg completely gone as soon as I got off your table. You are truly a miracle worker!

Dr. E., Knoxville, TN
Excellent Service!  I am a new patient of Trudy's and have just finished my second visit. Trudy is very friendly and open. Her home and treatment areas are spotless. I visited Trudy due to tendinitis in my left forearm that did not respond to other treatments. My first treatment cut my pain by 70%. I will be a patient of Trudy's for some time to come.

Mike, Knoxville, TN
The best in town! I first went to Trudy in the summer of 2007 for debilitating neck pain. I had tried everything that the doctor had told me to do with no relief, and decided to try acupuncture as I had nothing to lose. I was very nervous during my first visit, but she made me feel extremely comfortable as the environment of her clinical area is very soothing, clean, and cozy. After a few treatments I began to feel better and my pain began to subside. Trudy is the kind of practitioner that cares not only about the symptom, but the person as a whole. If you are looking into acupuncture for any reason, go with Trudy! It will be the best money you ever spent for your health!

Toni, Knoxville, TN
Thank you, thank you!!

Don is so much better - he is able to take walks with me once again.

Thanks again,

Irene, Sevierville, TN
Hi - my name is Bob Sinnott and I've been a practicing physician in the Charleston, S.C. area since 1976. I currently have an outpatient practice in Psychiatry/Child Psychiatry in Mt. Pleasant.

During the course of my practice I had always been curious about acupuncture but never was motivated to try it. That was before this past winter (1999-2000). I discovered I needed a total left hip replacement, which was done on March 6, 2000. As you might imagine, my pain was extreme. It even hurt when I was lying down. About 2 months before surgery I met Trudy Moore and decided to give this acupuncture thing a try. It worked great. The only time I was pain free was during my acupuncture treatments - all other medicinal and therapeutic efforts still left me in pain. After surgery, the acupuncture helped with my recovery and I have since discovered that there are many other beneficial effects. I have also referred a number of my own patients for acupuncture as a compliment to my treatment.


Robert H. Sinnott, M.D.
I am happy to recommend Trudy Moore to you for personal work or for referral of patients. She is highly trained, well motivated, supportive, professional in her work, and has an unusual ability to deal with psychological problems manifesting as physical symptoms. She quickly helped me to relieve distressing pain in my left arm I had thought to be of nerve root origin but discovered a change in posture was corrective. She is meticulous in keeping appointment times, works in a well-ordered way and in my opinion can be a great asset in the care and treatment of many patient problems.

J. Hall, MD Dallas TX
Ms. Moore is an individual of high integrity and character. Her honesty and dedication to high ethical and professional standards is beyond question. Therefore, I highly give my recommendation for Ms. Moore as a professional of the highest caliber.

M. Fradkin, Dipl. Ac. Maryland

Trudy Moore has been practicing complementary medicine for well over a decade and I can vouch for her compassionate approach to patient care, training and professionalism.

H. Moore, MD Washington DC

Trudy Moore has treated me for a variety of physical complaints since March of 1998. Being well trained in acupuncture myself, I feel qualified to rate her as superior in technique and understanding of the principles of Oriental Medicine including herbs, diet, and exercise. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a considerate, caring and competent Oriental Medicine practitioner.

Dr. J. Alloway Washington DC.
Speaking from my own experience, I find that Trudy treats her patients courteously and professionally and maintains a positive, pleasant attitude towards them. Trudy works fast and with precision. I have found the therapy beneficial, especially in easing the discomfort of joint pain from arthritis and enhancing a feeling of well-being.

Dr. M. Carriker University Of Delaware
Trudy has worked in my clinic alongside me on several occasions. She is very attentive to the patient's needs and she is extremely present with the patients. I have found her treatments and diagnosis to always be on target. She selects the right combination of point formula for specific needs of the patient. She establishes rapport with patients early in the treatment process and always has been able to put the patient at ease while instilling a great feeling of respect and confidence in her. Additionally, Trudy has experience in all phases of the profession due to her vast continuing educational experiences with some of the best of both Oriental Medical and Western Medical practitioners in the country.

M. Warren, Dipl. Ac., Maryland

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