About Chris Hagler

As a child growing up in Northport, Alabama, Chris needed an outlet for his abundant physical energy. His parents sagely enrolled him in martial arts with Jon Lee. His studies of Karate and Isshin-ryu only fueled his hunger to learn more about the East. A high school trip to China gave him a taste of its culture and way of life.

With encouragement from his family, he enrolled in the Capstone College of Nursing at the University of Alabama. During the course of his junior year, one of his professors gave several examples of the healing powers of alternative medicine - something with which Chris was not then familiar. After further research, Chris knew that this was an avenue that he wanted to pursue.

Upon graduation with his Bachelor of Arts, Chris furthered his studies at the Tennessee School of Therapeutic Massage. After attaining his massage therapy license, he and his wife moved to Boulder, Colorado in order that he might study acupuncture. He spent three years intensively studying acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine at Southwest Acupuncture College.

Today, in 2017, Chris is bringing his expertise and scope of knowledge to East Tennessee.


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